Reverse Bucket List

I’m kind of over setting goals, so I went for the opposite.
I have:
1.  Worked on a ranch and did things like feed horses and cook meals for 100 people for 2 years.  Yeah, I know.
2.  Lived in 4 different countries: USA, Egypt, Turkey, and Thailand and 6 different states: Iowa, North Carolina, Florida, Colorado, Michigan, and Georgia.
3.  Colored my hair 50+ times.  The worst mistake was when I tried to get the platinum blond look with black hair and ended up with a rainbow head.
4.  Gotten three tattoos and have plans for more.
5.  Married my best friend in the whole entire world.
6.  Adopted two amazing girls.
7.  Learned to play piano, flute, and guitar.
8.  Studied Spanish and Arabic…but can’t really speak either language anymore. 😦
9.  Met Arnold Schwarzenegger in real life.
10.  Eaten vegetarian for about 3 years.
11.  Visited 23 countries: England, Germany, The Netherlands, Italy, France, Mexico, Guatemala, Canada, El Salvador, Trinidad, Jamaica, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Uganda, Thailand, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Turkey, Denmark, Norway, and Greece.
12. Grown and given birth to two amazing kids.
13.  Eaten spiders, silkworms, and crickets.
14.  Trained for a half marathon.
15.  Survived college.
16.  Been scuba diving in the Red Sea.
17.  Written my own music.
18.  Sewed, crocheted and knitted my own clothes and accessories.
19. Had conversations in sign language.
20.  Climbed a 14er.
21.  Helped hundreds of people with barriers to employment find work.  That feels really good.
22.  Witnessed miraculous healing.
23.  Memorized the book of Philippians…and subsequently forgot it.  So, I memorized it again…and forgot it again.  I’m seeing a pattern here.
24.  Been purchasing [almost] only thrifted clothing and house items for a few years.
25. Gone from working mom to stay at home mom.

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