A Tinkerbell Birthday

I recently posted about how Rory could hardly handle the anticipation of her impending third birthday. What we didn’t tell her was that her birthday party was happening about 2 1/2 weeks before her birthday.

IMG_5262She decided quickly that the only kind of party she wanted was a Tinkerbell party.  Last year’s party was a loud, busy, and crazy book swap party which was a blast.  This year, I wanted to have a smaller party for two reasons: First, Faith and Favor do much better in calmer, more controlled environments and second, I wanted to put a lot more detail and thought into this year’s party so I knew it would be easier with fewer kids.  We ended up going with a cousins only party.  It was still plenty crowded and lots of fun!

When Rory decided on Tinkerbell, the first thing we did was put the invitation together.  Jonathan wrote a great limerick (another one of his superpowers that nobody knows about) and I designed the card using my Silhouette software (best Christmas present ever!!!).

IMG_3484All of the guests were given fairy costumes when they arrived.

IMG_5335 IMG_5326

The birthday girl, of course, was given an extra special fairy dress.

I sewed circle skirts for the girls following this tutorial, and I made a fairy “cloak” for our lone gentleman guest.  I made the wings from kids’ wire hangers and white tulle.



IMG_5352 IMG_5271


IMG_5284IMG_5256IMG_5341 IMG_5365I made Rory’s dress pattern from tracing a tank top…and just kind of guessed along the way.  The scariest part was that I surprised her with the dress, so I couldn’t try it on her as I went.  Thankfully, it fit just as I had hoped.



The day was full of fairy activities.  We made fairy wands and fairy houses.  The houses were definitely a hit and took a lot more time than I anticipated.  I was amazed that all of the kids were really into it.


IMG_5381 IMG_5370

I initially planned to make a fairy house as an example for the kids.  I never got around to it, and I am SO GLAD I didn’t do it.  The creativity that comes out of kids is outstanding and I would have squelched it with my realistic and organized fairy house.

IMG_5423 IMG_5431

And then the food.  I love themed party food!!!!!


The “cookie cake”was a hit. It was definitely a time intensive process, but totally worth it.  I made vanilla French macaroons with a chocolate ganache filling.

IMG_5308 IMG_5305

We also made “toadstool mushrooms” (marshmallows dipped in colored white chocolate), Jonathan carved Rory’s name in a watermelon (yet another superpower), and no fairy party is complete without ants on a log.

IMG_5311 IMG_5317

We sang happy birthday, Rory was thrilled, the kids were entertained for the entire party, and nobody cried (that I can recall).  It was a birthday miracle.



Happy 3rd Birthday little Rory!


Homemade Christmas

This holiday season, I’ve been especially inspired to create things.  Maybe I finally have the energy after almost 10 months with three kids to make things, or perhaps I finally remembered how much I love it.  I love handmade decor, so holidays are the same for us.  I hope to add something to them every year!



I love our charming house!  I made the wreath about a year ago and change the decor on it with the holiday/season.  The ornaments are from the dollar bin at Target.

IMG_3545Here’s our mini tree that lives in the dining room so we can share some holiday cheer with the neighbors (without hanging lights).  I took off the original white lights to add a bit more color and wrapped it with yellow and red tulle.  I’m dreaming of the day when we can have a full sized white Christmas tree!




I hung ornaments from the front windows as well as the windows in our kitchen nook, but they’re tough to see.

IMG_3558This is our “grown up” Christmas tree. I found it for $7 at Goodwill.  I made the tree topper with red fabric and a ball of foil, and the ornaments were mine when I was little.  I made the advent calendar about 4 years ago and I still love it!  We have Bible verses in each day and Santa moves with the date.  I’m actually amazed the kids haven’t tried to open any presents or take things off the tree.  They’re pretty awesome.

IMG_3537I really love having a fireplace and a mantle to decorate!

IMG_3542I made the print online. It’s not my favorite, but I love that it incorporates parts of all the girls’ names into it.  (This is actually my second print, as the faith was “serenly beaming” in the first print.) Maybe we’ll have to put some Christmas words somewhere into little boy’s name too.

IMG_3540Jonathan made the Nativity out of sticks from our backyard and embroidery thread.  I love that the nativity characters have a “stable” to be in.  I think he also designed it so it’s collapsible for storage.  Smart guy.

IMG_3543There’s actually nothing homemade by me in this picture, but we do have some of Jonathan’s childhood Christmas books displayed.  Thank goodness Raggedy Ann and Andy saved Christmas so we have something to celebrate!

IMG_3538I filled these jars with leaves and berries from our backyard and balanced the tea light on some scotch tape.

IMG_3544And finally, the stockings!  What you see was originally supposed to be the lining, and the cover was to be burlap, but after THREE failed attempts, I gave up and went with the lining for the actual stocking.  Turns out I love it!  The girls don’t know what stockings are for yet, and we haven’t decided which one belongs to which person, so I think I’ll leave that for next year.

Now, onto meal traditions.  Does anyone have any good Christmas food traditions to share????


Rocking Chair Cushion

This rocking chair was our first baby room purchase. I love the look of rocking chairs compared to gliders, so I opted for a Craigslist deal. I know I’ll probably be spending quite a bit of time in it, so I wanted to make some cushions for it. This only took me 45 minutes, and I had everything on hand. I made a simple pattern out of newspaper, and went for it!

Though, I do think egg crate foam or quilt batting as the cushioning would be better than the pillow stuffing I used. It may need more cushion in the future, but I’m happy with this for now!