Three Years of Motherhood

Rory, our little light-giver turns three today.  I’m so thankful for such a sweet, charming, and lively little girl.  She made me a mother in all the best ways.

Rory's 3rd birthday

Happy third birthday to our darling light-giver!


Two Year Slideshow

I finally finished Rory’s two year slideshow, and it was only 3 1/2 months late.  My highlight is the video of her meeting her sisters for the first time…and her dancing is pretty rad too.


23 Months of Rory

Twenty-three amazing months.

Most people (or women at least) feel the fierce bond to their child the moment they see the plus sign on their pregnancy test.  I, on the other hand, was a bit different.  The first time I felt any type of connection to Rory was when I found out she was a girl.  I felt some more when she was born (though NONE of it came from nursing like everyone promises), but was content to leave her in daycare.  Then she started smiling at me, and crawling, and walking and I fell in love with her.  Now she’s talking and I have fallen wildly and hopelessly in love with her.  I cannot get enough of my sweet little light-giver.

In the past month, Rory:

  • Started talking constantly.  She mimics everything her sisters say and shows clear understanding of almost everything we say.  She initiates lots of conversations and makes sure to talk us through everything she’s doing and what’s happening around her.  She really enjoys praying before our meals and as night.  It goes something like this, “Wah, wah, mah, mah, la, la.  Amen.”  Adorable.
  • She FINALLY came out of her shell.  It started with a family get-together where she showed her true colors and sang, danced, and made lots of silly faces for everyone.  Now she’s charming everyone she sees with her giggles and commentary.  She even lets people other than mom and dad hold her!
  • Dare I say she has mastered potty training?  She even used public restrooms with automatic flushers and the airplane bathroom.  And lets be honest, everyone’s afraid of airplane restrooms.
  • Rory visited Grandma and Grandpa in Colorado and fell in love with them immediately.  Anytime they were in the other room, she would immediately ask for them and point out “Gamma” and “Gampa” to anyone who asked.  It probably didn’t hurt that she was charmed by inheriting all of my childhood toys.  At one point on our flight, someone told her she was pretty.  She grinned and then pointed to her dress and said “dress” to show off her cute outfit too.
  • Rory loves playing pretend including talking on her cell phone, putting her animals in time-out, and acting like a cow while the twins try to “herd” her.
  • Speaking of time out, she’s had 3 so far.  She’s gotten all 3 of them for hitting (in play) and immediately submits to time-outs and gets an adorable pitiful look on her face when she’s in them.  It’s impossible for me to counsel her after her timeout without grinning.  She later reenacts them with us, grabbing us by the chin and forcing us to say, “Yes mommy” before she’ll let go.
  • The moving picture below is what Rory does every morning when she wakes up.  We go into her room, she stands up, and then runs in place until she falls over.

Rory is (almost) always smiling and very adaptable.  She happily plays with her sisters no matter what game they’re playing.

22 Months of Rory

Our lively little light-giver is 22 months!

 This past month, Rory:

  • Can FINALLY wear hair clips!!!!  I know she doesn’t really need them, but it’s pretty epic that, at 22 months old, she’s finally got enough hair to put clips in it!
  • Potty trained!  She’s not perfect by any means, but rarely has accidents. It’s more a matter of wanting to sit on the potty more than she actually has to go.
  • She’s talking in phrases now rather than just using one word.  And, as usual, she says most things in an African accent thanks to her sisters.
  • Any chance she gets, she requests that someone read her a book.  Jonathan, Faith, Favor, and I all take turns reading to her.
  • Rory loves to sing and dance.  She can also do a pretty great fake cry.
  • She still has some serious stranger anxiety and really doesn’t like any adults other than her mommy and daddy.  (I wish the twins would take some cues from her instead running to and hugging every stranger they see!) 
  • She’s finally become a picky eater.  Her favorite foods are any kind of rice, avocados, and most fruit. However, she’s stopped eating her daily banana and sweet potatoes are hit-or-miss.  We can’t reason her like we do with the twins yet, so she usually gets what she wants.  She’ll usually eat the first half of her meal in her high chair, then tell us she’s all done so we get her down, and then she’ll climb into one of our laps and eat the other half of her meal.
  • Rory likes to pick out what she’s going to wear and 9 times out of 10, she insists on wearing dresses.  Fine with me, since I always think little girls are cuter in dresses anyway.

As always, check out her previous month-by-month.  I can’t help but feel a little bit of baby fever when I look at these!

Potty Time

I took off an extra day of work over Memorial Day weekend to help Rory potty train. This is what my weekend consisted of. 

French toast on the potty. (Isn’t that wiggly eyebrow the cutest???)
We pumped her full of juice and strawberry milk.  Both of which she never drinks.  We regretted it later when it came out the other end much like it went in.

Everyone told us to give her M&Ms to treat her when she went, but she had never had them before, so I ended up giving her raisins and using the M&Ms to treat myself.

You’ll notice her awesome hairdo. She insists on having her hair done when I do the twins’.

We did lots of singing, lots of patty-cake, and lots and lots of reading and watching videos.  Seeing as how the cheapest potty seat was a Sesame Street one, she was introduced to her first “character” and fell in love with, you guessed it, Elmo.  Good thing there were lots of YouTube videos of Elmo.  And lots where he uses the potty too!

Even Ninang Kylene got in on some fun.  In fact, she witnessed Rory’s first accident.
On me.  And the couch. It was amazing.
Overall, she did really well.  We’re a couple of weeks into it and she still has occasional accidents, but they’re rare.  A few days ago, Jonathan took all the girls for a wagon ride.  Suddenly, Rory said, “Poo-poo?  Poo-poo?” and before he knew it, Favor screamed and jumped out of the wagon, pants drenched.  Faith jumped out just in time as the tinkle flooded the wagon.  Rory happily rode the wagon home.  By herself, in puddle of her own pee. 
And then there was the time she peed on the play equipment at the playground.

Oh yeah, and that time she peed on our friend’s floor in front of everyone in the middle of our church service.  At least I warned them ahead of time.
And here’s some charming, adorable Rory in video form.

21 Months of Rory

A lot happened this month.  Most of all, Rory continues to charm us.  Every day with her is better than the last.

This month Rory did some real big-girl things:

-She weaned herself from her pacifier!  It went like this:  Faith, Favor, and Rory were playing in Rory’s room and suddenly it was bedtime and ALL of Rory’s pacifiers were missing.  I played it cool and laid her down without giving it to her, she went right to sleep and hasn’t asked for it again.

-She’s expressed interest in potty training.  She wants to do EVERYTHING her big sisters do, which includes the potty ritual of going potty, wiping, flushing, and washing her hands.  The other day, Jonathan sent Faith to the potty on her own and it was quiet for a really long time.  When he went to check on her, he found Rory in the bathroom with her diaper off and Faith trying to lift her onto the potty.  Awesome.

-She moved into a big girl bed!!!  Again, she wants to be like her sisters, so I figured we’d go for it.  It does have a bed rail so she doesn’t fall out at night, but she loves climbing into bed by herself.  She insists on laying on her pillow in a certain way and always has to be covered up by her blanket.

20 Months of Rory

Wow.  I can’t even begin to explain how much this little one has gone from a baby to a little girl in the past month.  I’m pretty sure we have her sisters to thank for that.  She’s come alive in so many ways now that she’s got 2 more playmates.  Rory spends her days following her sisters around, taking turns playing with the hot commodity toys, insisting she have a chance to sit on the potty every time the twins go, climbing in her sisters’ big girl beds and pretending to sleep, asking for food every 10 minutes, insisting on washing her hands regularly, and filling our hearts with joy, laughter, sweetness, and silliness.  She’s a cuddler and indulges our regular desires just to wrap her up in our arms and cuddle her.  Every morning, I get her out of her crib and we just spend some time rocking and cuddling and then after a few minutes, she just looks up at me and grins.  And on some extra special nights, I even sneak her into my bed so I can smoosh myself against her and feel her breathe.  (I get absolutely no sleep on those nights, but it’s worth it.)  You’re probably tired of me saying this, but our little one lives into her name every day.  She is our light-giver who brings us great joy.