Birthday Girl

Rory was born on an easy day for us to remember: 8-9-10.

IMG_5121We have been talking about her birthday for FIVE LONG MONTHS.  I made the bad decision to use her birthday to help the twins know when they’re going to start Kindergarten.

Here’s how the conversation goes every single day…sometimes twice a day.

Faith: Mommy, we haven’t started Kindergarten yet.

Me: Yes Faith, I know.

Rory: You start Kindergarten after my birthday!!!!!!!

Me: Yep, Rory. They do.

Rory: My birthday is August 9.  I’m going to be three.  Right now I’m two.

Me: Yep.

Rory: Mommmmmmy!!!!  My birthday is August 9.  I’m going to be three.  Right now I’m two.

Me: Yep.

Rory: And on my birthday I’m going to have birthday cake.  And I will be three!!!!!

And so on…

So I decided last week that we should throw a little last-minute birthday party for Rory.  (I love throwing parties and hate planning, so last minute events are the norm for me.) She decided on the theme, we talked for a long time about birthday cake, I made the invites and put them in the mail, and by the end of the day, the meltdown of all meltdowns ensued.  Rory was beyond devastated that her birthday wasn’t happening that day. She refused to eat dinner and insisted on birthday cake through tears and screams. Wow.  That didn’t go as planned.

The next morning, in effort to avoid daily meltdowns, I got out our craft supplies and we made a birthday countdown chain.  (And by “we” I mean that I made, colored, and cut almost everything while the other kids cut paper up into the tiniest pieces possible and spilled them all over the floor.)

She’s pretty excited about it and I’m going to have to implement these chains a lot more often to avoid losing my mind with constant questioning about future activities.



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